Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast

Button Gwinnett Part 3: Making The Mark

Episode Summary

Here we finish our series on Button Gwinnett. Join us as we go from the Declaration of Independence to the duel that would finally take his life. There are no perfect founding fathers, and Button Gwinnett is no exception.

Episode Notes

Produced By:
Nathaniel Thomas McGill & David Greer

Written By: Nathan McGill

Research Assistance from:
Elijah Stancel &
Gwinnett Magazine Staff

Engineering Assistance from:
Wade Greer and Ron Baker

Guide To Gwinnett:
Hannah Easterling
Rebecca Hubbard

Artwork By: 
David Greer

Music By:
Levi Lowrey
Lewis Hurell

Judson Crane 
Keith Kenniff

Additional Assistance By: 
Drew Putman
McKenzie Julian
Jeff Langford