Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast

02 - Button Gwinnett PT2- FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT

Episode Summary

Button Gwinnett Part 2: Fake it Till You Make it. "You don't get into the Congress by accident, not even the first one... In this one, we take a deeper look at what history defines as failure and look at the facts from a different angle. What if Button's "failures" were just moves on a chess board? I've known enough successful people to know, nothing happens by "chance." Even though "chance" is often given more credit than it deserves." - Nathan McGill

Episode Notes

Produced By:
Nathaniel Thomas McGill & David Greer

Written By: Nathan McGill

Research Assistance from:
Elijah Stancel &
Gwinnett Magazine Staff

Engineering Assistance from:
Wade Greer and Ron Baker

Guide To Gwinnett:
Hannah Easterling
Rebecca Hubbard

Artwork By: 
David Greer

Music By:
Levi Lowrey
Lewis Hurell

Judson Crane 
Keith Kenniff

Additional Assistance By: 
Drew Putman
McKenzie Julian
Jeff Langford